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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Get MAX Result, Same-day Yet Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Are you searching for carpet cleaning services in Melbourne? Your MAX Carpet Cleaning team is friendly and reliable for all carpet issues from cleaning, and grooming, to carpet Repair. Moreover, we are the most experienced team serving the entire Melbourne and surrounding suburbs for more than 25 years. We are the local cleaning experts holding Certificate III in Carpet Cleaning Operation offering affordable services.

We are popular for delivering perfect carpet cleaning with high-grade results. Moreover, our experts are skilled in cleaning all types of carpet fabrics from residential to commercial. Thus, our carpet cleaning services are 24/7 available to you we can reach your house within an hour of the complaint to fulfil your search cheapest carpet cleaning near me.

MAX carpet cleaner Melbourne has specialists for offering customer-friendly service. We amaze you with free and honest quotes. Additionally, our team also provides a fixed price guarantee for carpet cleaning reach out to us anytime.

    Why is Carpet Cleaning Necessary For You in Melbourne?

    A clean carpet is also the best attraction in your house. Normally, house carpet or office carpet faces wear and tear. However, for proper carpet cleaning, hire professionals. Thus, professional carpet cleaning makes your house look good. Hence, some other importance of carpet cleaning services are:

    Increase Your Carpet Life

    Hiring a professional automatically increases your carpet life. A professional will effectively vacuum all dirt from carpets.

    Home-environment Healthier

    Effective carpet cleaning contributes to a healthy home environment. Moreover, professionals save you from allergens and skin disease. Hence, they mostly use chemical-free solutions for carpet cleaning.

    Removal of Bacteria/Dust

    Nevertheless, professional carpet cleaners use the best way for eliminating dust. Moreover, experts also remove unwanted bacteria from your carpet completely.

    Enhances the Appearance of Your House

    clean carpet is one of the most furnishing assets of your house. As well as professional carpet cleaning makes your room look good

    Our Exclusive Range of Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    For detailed carpet cleaning, steam cleaning is important. Furthermore, our experts use hot water for eliminating stains. Additionally, during carpet steam cleaning we use powerful steam cleaners to give effective results.

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    Carpet Dry Cleaning

    Do you want quicker carpet drying? Then carpet dry cleaning is best for it. Our carpet cleaning Melbourne team uses advanced machines for drying. Moreover, our local carpet cleaner also protects you from water damage. So, to know more about carpet dry cleaning, contact us.

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    Carpet Stain Removal

    our carpet cleaning services also include stain removal. We ensure to eliminate the toughest stain from your carpet. Moreover, we send trained specialists for removing stubborn stains. Additionally, our experts remove bacteria during carpet stain removal.

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    Carpet Mould Removal

    For mould removal, vacuum cleaners are the best option. However, mould is the one that affects carpet integrity. That’s why our professionals use advanced techniques for carpet mould removal. Feel free to call us!

    Carpet Deodorization & Odour Removal

    A bad smell makes a home atmosphere unhealthy and unpleasant. That’s why we offer carpet deodorization & odour removal services. Furthermore, our experts offer same day service in Melbourne for carpet deodorization.

    Carpet Sanitisation Service

    If your carpet has any bio-waste on the carpet. Then you should immediately hire a carpet sanitisation service. Thus, no worries our professionals offer the best carpet sanitisation service. Even during carpet sanitisation, we use long-lasting solutions. Thereby, remove all the waste, and dirt from your carpet permanently.

    Our Specialist Can Eliminate Different Stains from Your Carpet

    Our carpet cleaning team are expert in removing all stains. Moreover, we have safe solutions for eliminating stains from your carpets. Additionally, we use a hot water extraction process for removing stains. Thus, some stains our experts can remove are:

    coffee spills

    Coffee spills

    Nail paint

    Nail paint

    Mud Removal MAX Carpet Cleaning Melbourne


    food Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Food colour

    red wine stain removal

    Red wine

    ink stain removal


    pet urine stain removal

    Pet urine stain

    domestic carpet cleaning service melbourne

    Therefore, for stain removal do contact our home carpet cleaner.

    Get Effective Domestic and Office Carpet Scotchgard Protection

    Carpet cleaning is always important for a safe environment. Therefore, our carpet shampooing team uses advanced Scotchgard protection. Moreover, for carpet treatment protection, we have a specialist. Thus, by carpet stain protection we save your carpet from dust, dirt etc. Our carpet cleaning Melbourne team uses Scotchgard protection safely. Even though our carpet fabric protection is safe for your kids. Thus, for home and office carpet Scotchgard service, call us.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Process is Always The Best for All


    Before, carpet cleaning, we provide pre-inspection to you. In this, we remove your furniture and identify stains on your carpet.


    we use the pre-vacuum method for removing dirt and dust from your floor. Thereby, making an easy and safe process for carpet cleaning

    Stain Treatment

    Our local carpet cleaner will use treatment, according to the inspection. Thus, all our stain or carpet treatment is safe. In simple, we use pet-friendly solutions for carpet cleaning.

    Steam/Dry clean

    our carpet cleaning Melbourne team uses the hot water extraction method for drying. Even we use the amount of water according to your carpet size.

    Final Inspection

    our experts will also provide a final inspection to you. This is to ensure complete satisfaction for our precious customers.

    End of lease carpet cleaning service in Melbourne

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

    Are you a tenant in Melbourne, Australia? Are you looking for an end of lease carpet cleaning service? However, vacuuming yourself is a good option but not a great one. That’s why our professionals offer an effective end of lease carpet cleaning service. Furthermore, our experts make sure to provide safe service to your rental house. So, if you are looking for the Best end of lease carpet cleaning service, contact us.

    Same Day and Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

    Are you looking for same-day carpet cleaning? Are you also searching for emergency carpet cleaning services? Then you are at the right location for same day carpet cleaning. Our experts arrive at your house on time for carpet cleaning service. Moreover, we also know the importance of clean carpets. That’s why our specialist provides emergency carpet cleaning service in Melbourne. Additionally, our latest tools save you time during service. So, feel free to contact our deep carpet cleaning service in Melbourne.

    What Makes Us The No. 01 Carpet Cleaning Company in Melbourne VIC?

    Our carpet cleaning Melbourne team is best at delivering services. Additionally, we offer service to both domestic and commercial property. Thus, some other reasons for hiring us for carpet cleaning service are:

    • We are the experienced carpet cleaner in Melbourne
    • Our professional use child, family and pet-friendly carpet cleaning solution
    • We are certified as carpet cleaning technicians for services
    • The carpet cleaner staff is honest and customer-friendly
    • Provide affordable and cost-effective carpet cleaning service.
    • Available for carpet cleaning during public holidays and weekends.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, our professionals use environmentally-friendly solutions during carpet treatment. Therefore, for safe products do contact our home carpet cleaner.

    Yes, our experts are qualified from IICR for carpet cleaning in Melbourne. So, for the certified carpet cleaner in Melbourne, contact us.

    You should clean your carpet regularly. Moreover, hire a professional carpet cleaning service every 6-12 months to increase the durability of your house carpets.

    $170-200 is the cost of steam cleaning 2 rooms of carpet. You have to pay extra for add ons such as Deodorise, Scotchguard/Protection and Stain removal. Your overall cost can be around $400-$500 because of many stains and extreme odours on the carpet.

    Yes, we can remove pet urine from carpets. We do not use any harsh chemicals for fast stain removal or quick urine colour removal. We aim to take care of the carpet fabrics as well as remove pet urine stains.

    We have steam cleaning machines that are ready to use and set up for carpet steam cleaning. We start the machine when all things are set which includes detergent solution and carpet area.

    You may listen to some sounds when the water extraction machine or steam cleaning machine is used but they are not noisy. You will not feel anything noisy. However, if somebody has old and damaged carpet cleaning machines then that may produce awful sounds

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